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A Word from our Training Manager

Here at First Batch, we believe in training so much that we have developed The Coffee Training Co, a sister company to First Batch Coffee Roasters which focuses purely on Coffee Education. 

We'd like to introduce you to our Training Manager Crystal Moore. 

Crystal has been with The Coffee Training Co. for 2 years as a part time trainer and is now our onsite Training Manager. She has brought an extensive array of knowledge and skills to the company.
Starting her career off 18 years ago at The Coffee Club in Toowoomba. Working her way up to restaurant manager before moving on to broaden her skills and knowledge in a number of popular cafes and restaurants. Completing her barista course at the William Angliss institute in 2010, before going on to secure her certificate 3 in hospitality and diploma in hospitality management.

4 years ago, she decided to make the brave move to Noosa away from family and friends to gain more experience in the coffee industry. She landed a job in one of the busiest cafes in Hastings street, giving her a taste of what the tourism industry has to offer.

Hungry for more Crystal went on to manage a new up and coming restaurant on the Noosa river where she met the founder and owner of The Coffee Training Co and First Batch Coffee Roasters. Eager to break into the training organisation bringing her passion and love of coffee making to those around her she was brought on board as a coffee trainer. From there she has grown and shown a lot of passion to The Coffee Training Co. and her role as the training manager means she can now focus on building and guiding others into the world of being a barista.


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