At First Batch Coffee Roasters we supply & support carefully chosen cafes & restaurants who are passionate about quality coffee and The First Batch Coffee brand. Our aim is develop and grow long lasting relationships built upon training and support to ensure every First Batch Coffee trained barista prepares and serves the perfect cup every time.

If this sounds like what you would look for in a coffee roaster, we would love to hear from you.


Delicious Blends and Single Origins are what we do. To get there a lot happens behind the scenes. We start by sourcing quality specialty coffees that have been graded and cupped to ensure only the best coffee is purchased.

Our highly experienced in house team plays around with the coffee to find its best taste expression. Recipes are written and the education with our customer begins.


Roasting coffee is an art in itself and we use the newest air roasting technology to ensure consistent quality roast outcomes every time.

Roast consistency and quality assurance is front of mind and our unique bed air roasting system helps us achieve this. Unlike most roasters we can guarantee accurate roast profiles for each and every roast that is logged and traceable.


Built around training and support, all First Batch Coffee wholesale customers have access to first class training programs. This is a non - negotiable service and is vital to ensuring every cup of First Batch Coffee is perfect.

Your baristas can train in our purpose built training room with one of our training specialists. They can even run the gauntlet and work in our "training shop" with real life customers alongside our team of dedicated in house baristas. There is no better way to learn than this!


When buying coffee for your cafe or restaurant we realise you are not just buying coffee. Just importantly, you are buying support that can help you stand out from your competitors.

Our team is made up of not just coffee professionals but hospitality professionals that have all worked in or owned cafes and restaurants. We understand the stresses of the industry and are here to help in what ever way we can.