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First Batch Coffee Single Origin Ethiopia Guji

Single Origin: Ethiopia Guji

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Each month we search high and low to bring you a special, new single origin coffee.

This month we're excited to share Ethiopia Guji.
Ethiopia Guji is known for having strong fruity flavours as well as notes of berry and red wine.

Guji is located in South Ethiopia, in the Oromia region. The fruity flavours are a product of the climate and soil acidity culminating in a unique taste profile which is one of the highest quality coffee beans in Ethiopia.

Cupping: Distinctive fruit notes; berries, red currants, sweet, subtle red wine and citrus notes.

Region: South Oromia

Producers: Small holder farmers producing what’s known as ‘garden coffee’ where coffee is grown along with other food crops.

Harvest: Late October to January

Varietals: Heirloom, coffee is a natural species to the area.

Altitude: 1690 - 1850 MASL

Process: Natural

Processing: All coffee is handpicked, sorted then sundried.

Score: 83.75