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Coffee Lovers Blog

  • The Perfect Espresso

    What is considered a perfect extraction first of all? 
    A perfect extraction is a 25-30ml shot of liquid gold extracted from one side of a double spout group handle in one continuous extraction between a time of 25-30 seconds. So, how do we create the perfect extraction?
  • A Word from our Training Manager

    Here at First Batch, we believe in training so much that we have developed The Coffee Training Co, a sister company to First Batch Coffee Roasters which focuses purely on Coffee Education. 
    We'd like to introduce you to our Training Manager Crystal Moore. 

  • Five Minutes with Brent Deller

    5 questions with our founder and Head Roaster, Brent Deller.
    Find out why Brent started First Batch Coffee Roasters, where the name 'First Batch' came from and how Brent drinks his coffee.