Aeropress Brewing Guide

The Aeropress is probably the highest regarded alternative brewing devices on the market. It soared to fame due to its unique style of brewing which combines the simplicity of immersion brewing, the clean taste of filter brewing, and the full bodied cup from espresso brewing all in one easy to use device.

The tough robust design allows you to take it with you anywhere and brew amazing coffee where ever your adventures lead you.

Below is our guide and recommended brewing method to get the best out of this wonderful device.

Noosa Blend
Summer Blend
Single Origin

34g of Freshly Ground Coffee
Goose Neck Kettle
Carafe or Mug
Paper Filter


Coffee: 34g
Water: 100g (Between 92 and 98 degrees) + water to add at the end of the brew (Bypass Water)
Grind: Medium
Total Brew Time: 1:30 minutes

1. Remove the cap from the Aeropress.
2. Add the paper filter and rinse with warm water. Set aside.
3. Invert the Aeropress and place on the scales.
4. Add 34g of coffee (approximately 3 tablespoons) to the Aeropress.
5. Start timer.
6. Add 100g of water over 30 seconds to the Aeropress.
7. Stir vigorously for 10 seconds.
8. Allow to brew until the timer reaches 1 minute.
9. Place the filter and cap onto the Aeropress and flip over onto carafe or mug.
10. Press plunger over 30 seconds.
11. Add water to taste.
12. Serve and enjoy!