V60 Brewing Guide

Ask anyone who loves alternative brewing and we guarantee that they will have a V60 in their home brewing arsenal.

This device is one of the favourites due to its slow and peaceful brewing style. It is a great way to take a breath, slow down, and enjoy the process of making great coffee at home.

The V60 uses a paper filter which leads to some of the cleanest tasting and tea like coffee you will ever drink. Below is our guide and recommended brewing method to get the best out of this wonderful device.

Summer Blend
Noosa Blend
Single Origin

2 Cup V60 Dripper
2 Cup V60 Filter Paper
Goose Neck Kettle
20g of Freshly Ground Coffee
Carafe or Mug


Ratio: 1:15
Coffee: 20g
Water: 300g (Between 92 and 98 degrees)
Grind: Medium/Course (EK Grind 6.5-7)
Total Brew Time: 2:00 - 2:30 minutes

1. Fold the paper filter along the seem and then place into V60.
2. Place the V60 on top of carafe or mug.
3. Rinse the paper filter and V60 with hot water. This will remove the paper taste and pre-heat the V60 and carafe or mug. Make sure to discard the water from the carafe or mug.
4. Add 20g (approximately 2 tablespoons) of freshly ground coffee to the V60.
5. Tap the sides of the V60 to create a level coffee bed.
6. Start timer.
7. Pour 60gs of water over the coffee in a circular motion. This is known as a bloom. Allow to bloom for 30 seconds. At this point you can also stir the coffee to make sure that all the coffee is wet.
8. Add 120g of water in a circular motion from the centre towards the edge.
9. Gently lift and swirl the V60.
10. Allow the water to drain through the coffee.
11. Add another 120g of water in a circular motion from the edge towards the centre.
12. Gently lift and swirl the V60.
13. Allow the water to drain through the coffee.
14. Serve and enjoy.

*Note: After each pour grab the V60 and gently swirl to agitate coffee grinds.