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Our Story

first batch coffee roasting


At First Batch Coffee Roasters we use only the highest quality specialty coffees sourced from reputable producers. 

We then carefully roast each bean to develop it's full potential to deliver a premium sensory experience.

first batch coffee team


Founded by Brent Deller in 2015, The First Batch Brand was born out of a passion for providing a premium coffee experience to the Noosa region.

The foundation of the business is our community, and at First Batch Coffee Roasters we pride ourselves on growing and nurturing an exceptional team of passionate coffee lovers.

The First Batch family extends beyond our Noosa roasting house, from our friendly baristas, all the way through to our quality producers and all the cafes we supply.


first batch coffee roasters


Our Coffee is roasted at the First Batch Coffee Roasters warehouse in Noosa, Queensland.

Roast consistency and quality assurance is front of mind and our unique fluid bed air roasting system helps us achieve this. Unlike most roasters we can guarantee accurate roast profiles for each and every roast that is logged and traceable.

Our coffees are presented as a Blend, Single Origin Espresso or Filter Roasts, and from time we offer unique seasonal blends.




First Batch Coffee Illustration Pandanus Tree