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Pullman Stealth Hand Tamper

Pullman Stealth Hand Tamper

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Pullman Stealth Hand Tamper

Pullman Espresso Accessories is proudly an Australian Company, with its manufacturing base located in Adelaide, South Australia. Since its inception in 2002, every Pullman made product has been crafted in Australia by local trades using local materials and local expertise, and this tradition continues today. 

The Pullman Barista Tamp in Stealth Black has a flat base. As with all Pullman Tampers, they are handcrafted and engineered to provide optimal results for a lifetime.


The Pullman Stealth Tamper comes with three stackable height-adjustment spacers. These provide 8 different height options across 15mm of adjustment. Simply unscrew the handle to install or swap the spacers (generally speaking, a large hand is better suited to a thicker spacer, and a smaller hand works better with a thin spacer).

  • Ergonomically Shaped Handle
  • Silicon Compression Cone
  • Balanced Weight
  • 3 height adjustable spacers (2,5,8mm) for Barista comfort, support and ergonomics.
  • TrueTamp rings to assist in achieving a level tamp
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