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Single Origin - Brazil, MANTIQUEIRA

Single Origin - Brazil, MANTIQUEIRA

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Taste Profile: Brown Sugar, Honeycomb & Guarana Berries. Crisp Lemon Lime Acidity with hints of Lychee to finish.

Score: 85.5

Varietal: Red Mondo Novo

About This Coffee:

Mantiqueira de Minas is a small hilly area, encrusted in Minas Gerais’ highest part and is largely represented by smallholder producers. Coffees from Mantiqueira present outstanding citrus, floral and fruity notes, creamy and dense body, intense citric acidity, evident sweetness, and prolonged finish.
This microlot was put on raised beds, in thick layers to slow down the drying process and allow the absorption of more sugars.

If you'd like your beans pre-ground, please select either 'Espresso' or 'Filter". Filter is suitable for plunger, percolator, cold brew and aero press.