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First Batch Coffee

Single Origin - Tanzania South Nyota Kusini AA

Single Origin - Tanzania South Nyota Kusini AA

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Taste Profile: Pleasant Citric Acidity, Gooseberries,Grapes, Bitter-Sweet Cacao Nibs.

Score: 85.5

Varietal: Bourbon / Kent

Process: Fully Washed

About This Coffee:

Tanzania South Nyota Kusini AA coffee is a specialty grade coffee originating from the Southern Highlands of Tanzania, which is renowned for its fertile soil and ideal climate conditions for coffee cultivation. The "AA" designation refers to the size and quality of the beans. In the coffee grading system, AA coffee beans have the largest screen size and are considered to be of the highest quality, indicating superior flavor and aroma.

If you'd like your beans pre-ground, please select either 'Espresso' or 'Filter". Filter is suitable for plunger, percolator, cold brew and aero press. 


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