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Moccamaster Classic - 1.5ltr

Moccamaster Classic - 1.5ltr

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Moccamaster Classic - 1.5ltr White (Other colours available upon request)

The Classic From Moccamaster features a heavy duty copper boiler that maintains a constant 90 – 95 degrees Celsius. This temperature range is one of the keys to balanced coffee brewing. There are also two temperature settings for the post-brew warming plate that will keep your coffee hot for up to 40 minutes.

The Moccamaster Classic also features a 9 hole spray head that can saturate all the coffee grounds evenly. Programmed into the brewing cycle is a bloom phase, where the coffee grounds are lightly sprayed.

The device is built with high grade aluminum, BPA-Free plastic, and high-grade glass to last for many years.

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